Genesis. $50!! Mint! Offer lasts until Wednesday 3/20

I have a bunch of throws that I will be posting in the next few months. I do not use them anymore, so I do not mind letting them go to a good home for a fair price. All prices are O/B/O (or best offer) I will be listing a few new throws every day/week, so stay tuned! I am always open to offering and negotiations, so don’t be shy! I am VERY picky when it comes to condition, and I expect you do be the same. All prices are shipped, and with using paypal, so no hidden fees!

Please message me through PM and not this thread. I expect you to ship Pirority, as I do as well.

Want: Any and all General Yo.

I am shutting this BST down on the 20th of march. Low balls are welcome!

Okay here we goooooooo

C3- Di Base. Mint. Will come with O-Rings. Has a YYF Spec bearing in it, but can put back original bearing. $45 GONE

C3 Capless. Mint. Blue with Silver Speckle. Comes with Box. GONE $55

One Drop 54. Got it in a trade. Was red before washing it away. Now it is pint with a swirl red. Has one ding and 3 pin pricks. Awazing color that turned out awesome! GONE $40

YYF Genesis. Winston Edition. Mint. Comes with Center Trak. Offer me!!! $60

New in Box Red Popstar. $20

The rest are deal sweetners. Not going to put a price because they are just plastics. I can throw them in a deal with the other yoyo’s for a cheap price. Both the Classics have Spec bearing in them, so completly unresposive. Thanks guys!!!

Up! Capless and 54 are gone! Lowball me please!