General Yo Amplitude Review!


Let’s start off with the Amplitude Specs!
63.4 gr
53.85 diameter
42.27 wide
4.3 gap.
This review is on that of a raw amplitude.
First off, this yoyo plays like a draupnirxpuffin2. You get the swiftness and spin of a draupnir, but in the compact size of a puffin 2 and like both of these throws it is rim weight to the max. Even though the amplitude is not 7075 or bimetal it plays with matching ferocity. Now to be a bit more specific.

This thing is majorly stable. You can go a whole 1min prelim without it dying. Also it can handle being pushed to the max in terms of speed without knocking out. I would rate the stability up there with a model 10 and majesty.

This is a straight no-holds-barred competition throw. Pure speed, though never overbearingly fast. Feels great in the hand, but careful binding this yoyo too soon on a hard throw because this thing packs a punch. Before this yoyo I would say the fastest general yo was the light version of the majesty, but the amplitude blows past it.

Grinds/finger spins
Even though this is a raw amplitude it grinds great! It definitely has a good catch zone for finger grinds. Also fingerspins are possible thanks to a smaller spike…you get the edgy spike look without sacrificing finger spins entirely.

Catch Zone
The catch zone is great and wide enough to catch the string like a larger throw, but with its compact design you also get the speed and tech capabilities of a smaller throw.

Came with a grooved concave bearing and hat pads. Both act great. Hat pads are great and never too snaggy, but they definitely hit a sweet spot too. Not too sure what bearing will come with the production models though.

This yoyo is coming from beneath so many other Yoyos out there right now like other company’s hyped Yoyos, bimetals, special metals, and whatever else is up their sleeves, but the amplitude takes it to the top with some raw amped up power in its straight 6061 body. To put it simply, get this bad*** throw!


Just happy to see something <64g. No reason for so many yoyos to be so heavy these days. Will definitely buy one when they release, although the colorways are typically terrible. Solid purple looks alright i guess.


Awesome! I’m excited about the mass on this one. I really wish I could get a raw though unless it were blasted.


Excited to get one. There are very few colorways I have not liked that Ernie chooses. These ones look great.


That raw looks so sweet but I love the Ty Goldman purple.


Great review! You are spot on…the Amplitude is a flat out, no compromise, competition throw. Ernie just continues to deliver what the current player wants and expects out of a yoyo…giving them something that can handle all anyone can throw at it.

Mine is the James Reed colorway…and I absolutely love it!

Thanks again Ernie! General Yo keeps killing i!



I got mine on Tuesday (James Reed). It is amazing. I can’t put it down. It is a very nimble yoyo. Smooth, like all of the General Yos that I have tried. This is a must have for your collection. Also, the James Reed colorway looks so cool when it’s spinning (kind of like oil in water opalescence). Ernie hit this one out of the park.



Just got mine today. I was quite surprised with how much I enjoy it. I mean, obviously I thought I’d like it since I bought it, but this thing is a blast to play with. I’ve owned M10’s, Majestys, and Prestiges. All great throws, both amazingly smooth and stable, but they don’t seem to have much in the way of speed and we’re obviously made for performance over flat out fun. This thing is so nimble and fast, yet it is still buttery smooth and can perform with the best of my throws. I’m not always the biggest fan of straight V’s like this, but man, this is so fun. Mine came stock with a flat 8 ball bearing, I’m assuming General-Yo’s normal AIGR bearing. The finish on mine is glossy, another thing I’m not usually a fan of, but after a few throws, I forgot about the finish.


I bought a Ty Goldman edition Amplitude at BAC and I have loved it so far.
As Feruvox said before, it is very stable. I am not too good at horizontals (because I do not practice them that much) but one trick that I can land is horizontal eli hops. On the Chief, I can land about 3 before the yoyo dies, but on the Amplitude, I can land about 6.
I saw Ty and Angelo shred with it at BAC. It takes a little while to get used to the speed, but after about 10 minutes, you can get a feel for its capabilities. Besides stability, it has great spin times. I can do a one minute trick and the Amplitude will still have the juice for me to do a fancy bind.
When I first got my Amplitude, I thought, “This thing is beautiful. But wait, it looks like a Yoyofactory finish and will probably suck at grinds.” That is absolutely not the case. I did a grind after a few throws and boy does it grind! Do not let the appearance of the Amplitude’s surface deceive you. I would say it is about as good as grinds as my Chief.
The response is the standard General-Yo Hat Pads and what I believe is and AIGR bearing. In my experience, the Hat Pads last months (I have gotten the ones in my Prestige to last 4 months before I had to re-sili it). The AIGR bearing is works well and spins A LOT smoother than spec bearings.
I love my Amplitude and have been unable to put it down since I got it.

(major_seventh) #10

I just got mine today; man this thing is good! It’s nimble, long spinning, feels great in the hand (which is awesome compared to some sharp edged competition oriented yo-yos) and even fairly nice for fingerspins like Feruvox said. And the light weight is awesome. You don’t find stable longspinning throws at 63.4 grams these days :wink: .What more can I say? It’s just too good! USA made with quality like all General-Yos. Even if you never buy one, you have to at least try one.

I’m super pumped up about mine ;D