Gambit: First Video

Well guys, it seemed about time that I made a video that included yo-yoing and not just my face, haha. Hope you guys all enjoy. :smiley:



Wow. Why haven’t you made a yoyo video before?

Great video! Really good presentation and mix of tricks.

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Hahaha, ahh thanks man! ;D

I’ll be hitting the trickcircle when I can on IG (gambit_throws), so I’ll try and give you some stuff worth watching. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking, a couple of reasons really.

Firstly, I wanted to wait until I felt my yo-yoing had progressed enough that I could make a video that people would enjoy…

… and secondly I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so whenever I’ve made a video before I’ve watched it back and decided that it was rubbish so I just scrapped it. In fact was only because I had vowed to release this video as my first that I did, otherwise I probably would have done the same with this one. I’m already looking at it and thinking about what needs work and what I can do better for the next one, haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the kind comments guys. Means a lot. :slight_smile:

Such an interesting style, very speedy considering the difficulty of the tricks. MORE!

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Awesome job! Dang! Your a good yoyoer thanks for sharing!


GREAT VIDEO!!! Another one, please?

BTW, I used that music in a video I made about a year ago, but your rocked that one more.

Just amazing gambit, love your style and your video.

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Cool. Do you compete?

Gambit, you are amazing my brother. Lol that was so fun to watch. Kept my eyes glued to the screen. Saying GIVE ME MORE! lol


WOW! You got shouted out on the One Drop Twitter and Facebook!

Your style is truly unique. You have your own flow and rhythm, which is something I rarely see these days. The tricks aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they’re elegant. Keep up the great job.

this was amazing :o :o :o

i really like your style, keep up the good work!

have you ever competed?

Cor blimey, you’re right! I had no idea! I don’t really know what to say to that… that’s just beyond awesome. It’s very very kind of them to do that. :o

Ah thank you so much!! I know it sounds completely cleché, but it really does mean a LOT to hear stuff like this. It makes all those frustrating hours trying to come up with new stuff all worthwhile. I really really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hahaha, thanks Cory! I’ll try. ;D

Haha, yeh I know, I’m sorry man. I’ve been planning on using that song for years so when I saw it on your video I was all “noooOOOOooo!!”. I wanted to find another one to use, but there’s just something about that song that just seemed too right to me.

(Song is ‘Miracle’ by ‘Blackmill’, for anyone interested)

However, credit where it’s due Paul, you did use it first. :smiley:

Thanks so much man!

I haven’t yet actually. I was planning to compete at UK Nationals this year but something came up and I couldn’t make it unfortunately. I definitely plan on competing next year, though I’ll need to step my game up if I’m to give Yuji Kelly and Andy Jones any serious competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most inspiring video I’ve seen all year. Just had to watch it again for the 3rd time.

Your moves are so fresh and original. Your execution is virtually flawless. The lines so clean. The wraps so dope. I could watch the trick at 1:15 all day.

Dang, son.

Wish I could put expletives into posts, cause that ___ was ____in’ good.


That is the dopest of dope.

Awesome vid!

That wrist wrap repeater trick… does it have a name? I must learn it!