G2 Super Shirts. Looking for your input

Hey All - most of you know G2 is based out of Ohio, the birthplace of superman. A lot of our local shops make Superman inspired shirts for our sports teams. We are getting ready to order some based on our logo. These are the 4 mocks we have come up with for the first batch. Let us know which one you would like to see us make. Thanks in advance for your help!

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hard choice jake they all look good.

if you really want the authentic superman look the bottom right, but i really like the top left.

We weren’t really looking for authentic or we would have used some yellow

Top right.

I really like the look of all of them but the tope left is winning by a tiny bit for me

Top left for me as well. Followed closely by the top right.

Top Left

Top left or bottom right

Top left for me

Top left, best contrast

i think i started something with the top left…

Gotta go with bottom right, cause murica

I’d say the first 4…

Or, the last 4…

Or the first two and the last two…

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Top left for me as well. Looks great. :slight_smile:

Top left, but its the Seattle Seahawks haha.

Bottom right, no question :wink:

When will they be available?

Top left or right, with top left edging out

Top right, looks good.

now i feel nasty… i may have to change my answer

Either bottom left or top left.