G2 repost project yo-yo

Hey guys, so today I officially got the new repost yo-yo for G2 and I’m the first recipient to try it out for atleast a few days ! So far so good, it’s pretty floaty and i don’t know so much that it’s rim weighted which I’m not sure if I like or don’t like about it. I will be playing with it more and give some more detailed shots of the yo-yo that are soon to come. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks- Brandon!


Do you have a scale to weigh it?

I do not unfortunately but I’ll see if Jake can get me some specs tomorrow!

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Looks like my type of throw!

Is this the one that was supposed to travel around? Jake asked me for my address almost a year ago then I never heard anything else, lol.

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Yes it’s getting around this time lol