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Agreed, I absolutely love the ano ‘tattoo’. Many a time I’ve found a great fingerspinning yoyo let down by an engraved cup. This eliminates that issue whilst having the added benefit of looking epic.

Really interested in this one, looks fantastic. :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #824

Thanks All!


Looks very cool! Just curious, in what ways does this Marvel differ from the V1 proto?

(Erik Kerber ) #826

Jake since this yoyo is called the Marvel you should do a limited run Marvels superhero edition or something like that

(G2 Jake) #827

Possible. I’m not sure what I want to do with the second run just yet.

The name is based on the verb Marvel. Not the comics

(G2 Jake) #828

We added a concave cup, and pushed more weight to the rim. We did more but those are the 2 main things you can notice.

(Erik Kerber ) #829

I know but still…

(G2 Jake) #830

Space Panther coming to YYE!




Awesome! Have you finalized pricing yet?

(G2 Jake) #833


YYE will have a special edition for $120


Wow that looks great Jake, I’m really late to the G game having just got my first yesterday but I think Marvel will be high on my buy list.

(G2 Jake) #835

Thanks for getting on the train. Better late than never. Which G2 did you pick up first.


You’ll see it in the Museum next week, but it’s the Quake in Dragon Slayer :slight_smile: Amazingly smooth, not a hint of vibe even with my terrible throw.


On Facebook, Jake said that he had finished up packaging. That’s always a good sign.

(G2 Jake) #838

Check out Medieval Steel and Aquatic Combat


VERY nice! I feel like those two colorways should be complimented with a Green with yellow splash called Exotic Sundance ;D

(Amplified) #840

Aquatic Combat looks absolutely fabulous.

(G2 Jake) #841

Berries and Cream anyone?

(G2 Jake) #842

Just taking functional art to the next level.

Final Frontier Marvel