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A little late but I’ve finally made my first G2 purchase. I have an Aftershock, AL7 Aftershock and Quake on their way courtesy of black friday. I couldn’t choose between the regular Aftershock and the AL7, so I just got both. ;D

(G2 Jake) #744

Welcome to the club!!

That is one heck of a package on its way to your doorstep


You did the right thing

(G2 Jake) #746

11/29/14 G Squared notes. Contest Details inside.

(G2 Jake) #747

The venom blood quake I mentioned a couple weeks ago

So good spinning. It has the nice silver rim look.


That looks just amazing. :o

The latest additions to my collection courtesy of Black Friday. Only just opened them earlier today, so it’s early days, but I’m absolutely loving them so far. ;D


This would look really nice on the Aftershock also Jake…

I already have several Quakes, but I’m going to have to grab another just to have this colorway.

Nice Job… :wink:

(G2 Jake) #750

Wow nice pick ups!!!


Man, that venom blood colorway is just perfect! It’s simple, but looks so good! Like I’ve saidbefore, and I’ll say it again, gsquared always has the best looking colorways out there, and you guys just keep making them look better and better!

(G2 Jake) #752

LooKin for your input this week.


Kinda looks like Harlem globe trotters colors. Maybe harlem blood or harlem splash/slash.


Jake you’re killin it man ! my quake is still my favorite throw
Thought you deserved a shout out for making this community even better keep it up brother

({RTD} alecto) #755

i think the name of the yoyo should be blended royale


best looking yoyos ive ever seen. splash game untouchable.

(G2 Jake) #757

Leaning toward wildfire.

Also like paradise sunset


Paradise sunset sounds really nice, but i think Electric Blue Razz sounded kinda cool as well.

What do you think of G Squared Bearing removers?


How about keeping with the theme of Greek Mythology and calling the colorway Icarus?

Glowing Red/Orange Acid wash could stand for the Melting of Icarus’ wings when he flies to close to the sun.

Along with Royalty, Purple also stands for Pride and Ambition both of which caused Icarus to Ignore his father’s warning not to fly to high. in this colorway His Pride and Ambitions are being consumed by the main firey acidwash.

As far as other things to send!
Maybe some G-Squared logo Patches or Artwork Patches/Stickers for your current Yo-Yo’s?


thats pretty funny,i was thinking of helios when i first thought about the name for this colorway


o yea paradise sunset :wink: wildfire is still sweet though too,my Nonnie(Grandmother) had a horse name wildfire when i was a kid so thats a great name as well,but that paradise sunset


What about…

Dante’s Inferno

Just a couple ideas to throw out there.