G-Squared Marvel: A High Speed YoYo Review

G-Squared is ready to release their newest design, the Marvel. This time they are shrouding the release in mystery, including requesting a moratorium on pictures during reviews… I followed the embargo best I could*. Normally I would not be a fan of such hype, but in this case I will roll with it since Jake and company have proved time and time again that they can make an incredible yo-yo, from their impressive Albatross to the absolutely phenomenal Aftershock. The Marvel adds some new design elements that have never been used on a G-Squared design in the past. Time to see if this yo-yo lives up to its superhero sized moniker.

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Sounds good, I am LOVING the colors

I’ve had a Marvel for several days now. Jake is no doubt not only an excellent player but a Yoyo designing Mastermind.

As soon as I started throwing the Yoyo, I recognized this was worth All the effort he put into the design.

Many times when I am customizing(anything) I work from the negative. Instead of focusing on what is good, identify what is bad and move forward from that point.

Jake made absolutely sure he had all points in ‘alignment’ before he finalized this Marvel.

I’ve spent days trying to find something I don’t like about the Marvel. And I have come up with nothing constructive.

It is such an excellent Yoyo.

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When will you update pics?

Updated on the site. :slight_smile: