MARVEL Presented by G-Squared!

After nearly a full year of designing and prototyping, G Squared is ready to release their latest yo-yo. This is the all new Marvel!

Final Frontier – YoYoExpert Exclusive!

The Marvel was created to reignite that sense of awe that drew all of us into this amazing hobby and sport. G Squared wanted to bring back that feeling of excitement you get when you land a hard trick for the very first time and they nailed it! Everything about the Marvel is really just a joy to throw.

The unique shape of the Marvel is hard to categorize, with attributes of O, V, and H all fused together it is really comfortable in the hand and excels at any style. It was designed with a concave cup that really caters to finger spin tricks and a weight distribution that provides excellent maneuverability.

Watch it in action!

The Marvel feels light and fast on the string while still maintaining excellent stability and spin time. Competition inspired while remaining comfortable and fun!

Available here!

Mark Mangarin? Did he leave CLYW? Why is he wearing their shirt? What’d I miss lol, or is it a wrong video.

EDIT: There we go, its fixed.

Who’s picking up a Marvel tonight? I’m new to G-Squared but I’m really loving these ano jobs and seriously considering picking up a Final Frontier!

Final frontier is pretty sick

That ano is sick!