Fundametal Catch22?


I was thinking of getting this… but the shape is so new… so does anyone with this yoyo have some problems with the shape? (I kinda like the dm’s shape.)

(SR) #2

If you like the shape of the DM, I don’t reccomend getting a Frantic if that what you mean. They are very angular, and small. You like the DM which is big, and rounded. If you wan’t to try something new though, go right ahead. I would actually reccomend a dv888 for you if you are looking into fundaMETALS. Remember they (all fundaMETALS) are undersized though…


Yeah… that was what I thought. Nice reply btw. So the frantic is smaller than the dm? I might be able to use it anyways, but does anyone like dislike the angle? Or is unused to it?

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It is a tad awkward… I updated my post, BTW.


Just to throw it out there, if you can find one there is also the Catch13, which is $80 new, but it is more similar to the Catch22.

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Yeah, you could spend just a tad more and get that if you feel so inclined. Do that if you wan’t to try something new. But if you wan’t to stick with your DM’s shape… well, that isn’t one of the best choices out there. Here are a couple of my favorite metals: dv888, BOSS, 888. Try some of those if you want, I liked my DM’s shape, and and got a couple yo-yo’s spapes that were new to me, I loved em.


I have not had the opportunity to throw a Frantic yet but I did just recently pick up a C13. It is a fun yo-yo but it is very unforgiving. if you do not throw it perfectly, it will wobble and vibe. I know it is the throw because it will correct itself on the finger test. I have a sneaky feeling the Frantic is the same way due to the similar designs. once you get your throw down, the C13 is an enjoyable yo-yo.