fun with general yo and big yo 1a and 4a

only been yoing 11 months

what was your camera smoking to change color jk nice vid

That was great! :wink: I liked the angle at 2:00. Also, cough put a language warning up cough. :slight_smile:

its clean but you can tell they dont say the fell words

nice 1a pretty good for 11 months

try something new, try putting tricks togeather and making them more complex also plz hold off on the vids because less and less people will watch your vids if you post them every 3 days just post one or make one once a week or more so you have new tricks in the vid, also plz never do the color changing thing because its sickning but other than that cool vid!

i like it

I love Eminem.

What program do you use to edit your videos?