Ft: traded. Gone. Dusted

They are gone

Hildy bro’s azalea: comes with og axle and some Extras I spun up. Take apart v shape fixed axle. Has dent (pictured)

Tmbr this-a-way that-a-way maple

Trade for whatever, don’t want to break up the two though.
Biggest want is a respawn (Halloween a plus, any but Area 51 ) also have cash
Second biggest want is one of them delrin sphere YoYos
Or any other offer will be considered


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I remember seeing your post when you got your Azalea — wasn’t it not that long ago? What do you think about it? Why are you trading it?

I like mine (have the same model, down to the same paint jobbo) though it’s quite eagerly responsive and not quite as cozy in the hand when throwing it around as their Currier

PM sent