FT: SUPRA, Gen-Yo (Look inside) LF: Skywalker, Irony! *Update*

SpicyBroth’s B/S/T THREAD:
Please pm me if you want more pictures of my throws! I will try to respond to all pm’s as quickly as possible, right now I am mostly looking for trades but I might still accept a nice number. I would prefer throws off of my wants list but go ahead and offer anything! Thanks!

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MY WANTS: Mint or very close to MINT!!!

YOYO’s: The more * the more me wanty!


VS Newton YoYo Concepts Skywalker***

General Yo 5 star*

CLYW Chief***


CLYW Peak*

OD 54**

WERRD Irony***

SquareWheels Royale*


Any Turning Point THROW**


General Yo AIGR Bearing**

Type X and Ham String*

OD Side effects***

On to the throws: (a picture of my yoyo case will be up soon!)

I have a sick SUPRA for trade or sale and will send pics on request!!! Beast of a throw!!! :o :o :o

BAPE Entheos: Is an amazing undersized throw and might be my favorite pocket yoyo! It is rare, unengraved and bape… has 1 scratch and 2 small dings. Has the typical general yo smoooothnesss! Which is very smooth!!! Please offer big on this baby, it is beautiful!

My Deal Sweeteners:
-Modded Mosquito
-PS3 games
-Wii games

Feel free to comment on my post if you are interested in any throws

Previous Trades:

Marmot for a MonkeyfingeR Evil Yo TRADE
Genesis+ and a Modfather for an A-grade Entheos TRADE
Evil Yo for a Minty Mint Chief TRADE
Bought a Pacquiao for $45 BOUGHT
Pacquiao for a Code 1 TRADE
Chief and string and a bearing for Battosai’s and a Protostar TRADE
Battosai for a Sasquatch TRADE
BAPE Protostar sold for $35 SOLD
Sasquatch for a Solenoid TRADE
Bought an Albatross for $80 BOUGHT
Bought a spiked axle for $4.50 BOUGHT
Genesis for a Supra TRADE

Thanks for looking and happy throwing!

-Ben http://i.imgur.com/6liSI.gif

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Wow those suck. jk love ya ben

Ill pay $1 for all of them

buddy bump :wink:


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Pm’s replied to! :o




snfaric rocoli

frothmelon chignon saaufe



i wanna soda blast my burnside!

getting spiked axles for my burnside!!!

got 3rd in mwr’s…

my friend got 1st in junior 1a at MWR’s

DOG says, “uncle manny!”