FT/S: YoYoFactory Superstar and Tom Kuhn No-Jive: SOLD

I would like to trade these together. I am giving a two-for one deal - both the Superstar and No-Jive for a yoyo in my wants list.

The Superstar has scuffs all around the rims, and thumb grind marks. The No-Jive is mint.
Here are some pics:

The No-Jive only works with cotton string, so I’d throw in 5 or 6.

5Star (V1 or V2)
Torrent (Although unlikely, I’m putting it out there)
Peak (Fools gold maybe, only with little to no damage)

Do not want:

Remember - this is a package deal. Both of my yoyos for the one in my want list. Or you can just offer something - you never know, I might want it.
PM me with offers, or put them in this thread. Thanks!

I will sell both of these plus hatpads plus a bearing for $55!

You still owe me a video with that No-Jive in Samad.

You still owe me that.

Fiiiiine. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I want it named “For my hero: Q” lol

ok. now either trade me something from my want list, or git out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kbai! :smiley:

Bump! Really want a 5Star!

bump. wants list updated

Bump! Will add money for a 5Star!

BUMP! Superstar and No-Jive and Hat Pads and KonKave bearings for 55! You can’t pass this up!

superstar 40$

Sorry. It’s sold.