ft/s yoyofactory green monster skyline, Primo

hey guys i wanted to eithe trade or sell my skyline and primo. i would rather sell but if you have a really good offer then i just could not decline.

up first is the green monster skyline: small scraches allong the rims, but does not effect play at all. this is a geat yoyo. it comes with its original yellow hubstacks, a speck bearing and silicone response. if you anyone is interested then i will post pictures here. $95 US dollers traded :smiley:

up next is the Purple ( no grooves ) acid wash primo. ill be heasatent to let this one go because it is the smoothest yoyo i have ever played but oh well. it comes completely stock. it has some scrapes along the rims that dont affect play at all. i cannt beleive i am letting this go but i need to for money reasons. Once again if anyone becomes interested then i will post pictures. $80 US dollers

WANTS the things i want the most are underlined
yyf meatals
07 888
sterling quin skyline
speacial edition superstar
chris frasier 07 888 i might even trade both my primo and genesis for this

you have been PM’ed

you should mark the slkyline:traded

Have the Chris Fraser 07 888s been released yet? At MER Aron had one and Chris had 2 with him, but I didn’t know if they had actually been released yet.

yes im pretty sure they have been released there were only 12 though.