FT/S: sOMEThING Orig. Anglam CC ($85), B-Grade General-Yo Prestige ($45)!

LF: One-Drop/CLYW Seven Summit, 2SickYoYos Bishop, Palpitation (or TP in general), CLYW Bonfire, or money. I can also add money for trades.

Anglam CC (Old Version): $85 shipped

Nearly dead smooth on the string, slight vibe by the fingernail test. About two dozen tiny marks/hairline scratches around the body; the worst is pictured.


B-Grade Prestige: $45 shipped

Extremely smooth on the string, tiny vibe by fingernail test. B-grade because of ano marks around the yoyo, which are the tiny white dots you can see. Worst physical damage is pictured.


Take em both for $125!