FT/S sale Adegle Glaze,y-factor, gorylla[ALL MIP], dif TANK,LF:Gnarwhal, case!!

dif-e-yo tank, very good condition, have original kk bearing tho a bit tarnished I don’t know why. Still have the packaging tin and weight ring. Played, dings were there but satined and polished so any mark is hardly visible, scratches as any raw yoyo will experience… super smooth

will include some purple yyn higlight

Hspin Gorylla #253 MINT in PACKAGE!!
thrown once to try, super smooth and solid comes with 2axle and 1 extra red silicone pad

OneDrop y-factor Purple/Yellow pyramatte finish (amazing for grind tricks) flow groove version MIP too
thrown once to try, super smooth and solid

and here is the adegle GLAZE yo-yo from taiwan, pre production version I think, still very rare!!
picture will explain… Mainly for trade, want a CLYW GNARWHAL for this…

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2687/4464727603_2ed26dfeb9.jpg photos from syblog by jayson for comparison with 07/08 888

it’s MIP, it’s blue anodized and beautiful engravings, with large bearing and silicone pad. Will take more picture on request!

I hate to see this one go but it doesn’t get enough love and just seat in my case and I am not that of collector, so I hope someone can have it and love it!

I am not us citizen but coming to US on july 26 to early august, will be for sale even after that from my aunt’s house at california (san rafael) so local shipping price apply. If deal were made before the time it will be shipped around that date (maybe 27-29). As for trade I do hope u send the yo-yo first as I will ship during my time there and if you ship after you got my item it is most likely I already outside US. I am quite new here and still have no feedback but I have some on the other board that I’ve been in it quite a long time…


Things I want

yo-yo cases
3A pair metal or newbreeds/protostars
pair loop900
Offstring throw (mostly fiestas)
07/08 888
Severe 09/10
Radian SuperLight
Spyy PRO