FT: Rare Pearl Wasabi, C13, 44Spec, Hectic. Wants:RAW P2

:::::WANT TO TRADE::::::

44Special: Perfectly smooth and mint. Has white hubs in the picture, Ive since then removed them and put on DICE HUBS.

C13(silver w/black splash): Smooth, few minor dings and a scrape.

Pearl wasabi '09(silver) : Practically mint, possibly a few tiny scuffs. This thing grinds like a dream since its candyblasted.


Duncan metal Drifter(black/silver): Brand new out of the box, however it is what it is, a 20 dollar yoyo. Vibey but playable.

SB yellow/teal Hectic: Small vibe, most likely from the bearing since you can tune the heck out of these things. Scratches shown, sanded smooth on a grind.

If you want pics let me know and ill get them to you. I have a few and they are below

Project 2(Fades)
Reg P2’s
Anything, all offers considered these MUST GO.
Offers in PM only please.

Pics below:
VV YYF 44Special VV
^^ YYF 44Special ^^

VV Catch 13 VV
^^ Catch 13 ^^

VV Pearl Wasabi VV
^^ Pearl Wasabi ^^

VV Duncan Drifter VV
^^ Duncan Drifter ^^

VV SB Yellow/teal splash Hectic VV
^^ SB Yellow/teal splash Hectic ^^

[s]Heavy Cream(Purple splash) Have Box: Kinda vibey, started up out of nowhere can prob be tuned out. Mostly mint. [s]GONE

TFL: Was my main throw for a while then put it down a year ago hasnt really gotten tons of use. Also looking for a new home. There are a few scuffs that aren’t through ano and a few minor dings that are through the ano nothing play-changing though. Comes with single bearing and spacer setup. accepts beefcake tho.

MIB Dingo blue/green. Thrown a couple times put down, i have too many undersized as it is just looking to find this guy a good home.
Cmon, look@ the dingo on that box. He needs a good owner!

Mini MoTu: Bright green, vibes a little, really just tryin to get rid of it as a deal sweetener. gone

Black w polished rims G5: Was my 5a yoyo, lots of scuffs. sanded smooth. gone

Starlight:Mint w/center Trac. & boxgone

c3 halo minor scuffs

How much for the hectic?