FT magic the gathering,Yu gi oh Heroclix, paintball, ps3 games LFclyw yoyos

Hello im willing to trade a gang of MTG OR Heroclix or Yu gi oh for clyw yos.
I also got alot of ps3 games I domt play anymore
and I have a paintball gun with accessories

Im looking to buy or trade your
Crucial cupcake pink n blue colorway
CLYW wooly marmont
And alot more CLYW
I WILL update later
colorways I want
cotton candy
delirium dive
concrete blizzard
root beer
and other nice color ways
Feel free to offer your CLYW

first pic is all yu gi oh tin boxes empty. Box on top of tins is full of yu gi oh idk what yur looking for

2nd pic is mortal kombat playing cards
3rd is all my heroclix

and my paintball gun
its a spyder with a rotor hopper
and 3 air tanks
1 is a ninja air tank
I also have mortal kombat and hockey and Football cards.
the good kind with jerseys.
Il add more pics

All magic the gathering

Some of my football and hockey signed cards and jerseys

More jerseys and signed cards

And the ps3 games

Can you make a list of those PS3 games? The pic is giving me a headache. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that bad bro
burnout paradise
smakdown vs raw 08
batman arkham aslyum
tekken hybrid
tekken 6
assassins creed 3
twisted metal
midnight club los angles
killzone 3
shellshock 2
need for speed hot pursuit
the club
fear 1,2,and 3
resident evil racoon city
dead to rights
ufc undisputed
batman arkham city
walking dead
hitman collection
hit man absolution
infamous collection
red dead redemption
skate 3

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