FT: Kos, Reactor HAVE CASH! LF: Project, M1, Colorful Metals


Hey, changing out some throws again. This time I’ve got a K-OS and a Reactor up for grabs. Here’s the specs:

Great condition, like 2 scuffs on the hg, but does not affect play. Comes with side caps



Custom-yo Reactor:
Really cool undersized throw. Can be responsive (both pads) or unresponsive (one pad) depending on your taste. Again, great condition, a couple marks, but not much. Comes with box:




Anything One Drop (really hoping for an old project or an M1)
Colorful Metals (not 888)

Willing to add $30 plus these two throws for a mint Project

Not really looking for anything yyj (except maybe a jamboo)

I will consider all serious offers. Please PM!


How about a FHZ for the K-Os? It has no marks at all and is unmodded. Practically new.


No thanks, but thank you for the offer!


$25 for K-OS?


FHZ and $10?

(Q) #13

How low would you go?

(system) #15