FHCs,K-OS,Campfire,Bolt,Kickside,Atmosphere,FH2s for sale

I rarely check this forum, Email me at cyclontzy@gmail.com if you’re interested…

5 Blue translucent FHCs Dual siliconed and sticker lip removed 25 Shipped each

Dual siliconed K-OS done by me 30 Shipped minty fresh

Dual siliconed and sticker lip removed by me, 35 Shipped

Takeshi single side Pad 25 Shipped

dual siliconed and sticker lip removed by me 25 Shipped

daul siliconed and sticker lip removed by me 25 Shipped both caps are cracked

White atmopshere minty 30 Shipped

Minty bolt 20 shipped

Campfire 2 scratches 60 Shipped

Bionic FH2 singled pad recessed by me super rare and smoooth 20 Shipped

Dual siliconed FH2 SUPER RARE proyo glow in the dark caps 25 Shipped

Dual siliconed FH2 Dual siliconed by me

I can provide pictures of guts, don’t hesitate to ask…

ONLY TRADES ARE any punchline and I’d be willing to trade a lot for it…

paypal only…

PM’d and Emailed. :wink:

Apparently the K-OS is pending/sold just so everyone knows.

is the K-OS unressponsive?? i would trade my maverick for it

According to the Seller the K-OS is no longer up for grabs… you know like I said above you.

Also, any yoyo can be responsive or unresponsive, it all depends on how you maintain them.

oh ok than