6 FHcs and others for sale


Both mint, dual silied and sticker lip removed recessed by yours truly…FHcs
25 Shipped each

Minty Calico FHc recessed and highwalled smoothest FH I’ve ever thrown 40 Shipped

Red translucent second gen FH2c dual silied minty 20 Shipped
RARE bionic OG FH2c Pad recessed on one side super smooth 30 Shipped

Mint Vertigo FH2c Dual silied plays great 30 shipped

YYN zero Dual sili cracked caps 25 Shipped BARGAIN!

Pad recessed minty 25 Shipped

Lot of CWs 20 Shipped for the lot…

minty basically brand new protostar barely thrown 30 Shipped

(system) #2