FT: ILYY Abyss (gone)

Hi everyone, I have a mint Abyss for trade.
LF: 2wei, dr3ii, kc agent tantalizing


One of my top 3 throws I could never let go :wink:
Good luck on a dr3i :upside_down_face:

Dr3i is impossible but dr3ii is more possible

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Ah Right did not read correctly :wink: , but also not super common.

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Any interest in a mint noctu?

Unfortunately I’m not the biggest fan of the noctu

i have a bunch of other stuff :man_shrugging:t3:

Open to other offers that’s just some of the stuff I’ve been interested in lately. I tend to like throws that are light if that helps.

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FYI: The Tantalizing isn’t a lightweight yoyo. In fact, I’d say it would feel quite at home in the UNPRLD lineup.

It’s on the heavier side but the ti rims just draw me it.

I just adore mine, and even though it is on the heavier side, I still love it. (I lean towards lighter throws too.)