FT: Hayabusa, Modded FHZ, Lyn Fury LF: Offers!

Doing a little bit of case clearance. You know the drill. I expect a shipping number, and a priority box.

If you have less feedback you will ship first. No backing out. I will try to respond to PM’s as quickly as possible.

I want offers, not asking what I would trade for. Just drop a line. The worst I will do is politely decline.

I will not respond if your PM’s are grammatically or otherwise wrong or incoherent.

US only.

My prices are not completely firm, feel free to make a legitimate cash offer. All prices include shipping

Next, is my Hayabusa. I will ship with all of the spacers. Plays fine, has minor marks around the rims from landing on the carpet. Played only over carpet. Excellent condition.

Next is my FHZ. It was silicone recessed and tuned by Luke Vader. One of my smoothest plastics. Superb throw, just don’t play it anymore. Needs silicone.

Lastly, my Lyn Fury. Siliconed and clean bearing. Just don’t play it really, like I said.

Looking for!
Mostly looking for YYJ bi-materials, but an echo or metropolis would be cool


Things I don’t Want
Overly Wide yoyos
Novelty yoyos
4a yoyos


Lets try a few more bumps here!