FT/General-yo Ministar and modfathered FH2

Got a pink and black general yo ministar and a Orange Modfathered FH2, the fh2 has been reshaped and siliconed, last time i tried trading this ministar they backed out at the last second, but oh well. ministar is CRAZY smooth, like smoothest throw i own, and grinds like a freaking beast, and the fh2 is dead unresponsive, and smooth also, great little throw. Willing to trade both of these for one the throws on my wants list.


more * equals more wanty.

Mutant DNA*****
0’7 large bearing 888*
OFFERS! any offer will be considered, but dont be superised if i turn you down and your throw isnt on my wants list, BUT STILL OFFER AWAY!
PM me your number and i will text you pics of the ministar, sorry my camera broke so i can only text pics of the ministar.

bump it like its hot :smiley: