FS/T Red Mini-star Mint DXL edition (1 of 15 made) **PENDING TRADE**

As the title says i have a General Yo Ministar Mint condition only thrown it a few times don’t even think the bearing is broken in yet to be honest. If you want to buy it, just toss me an offer I’ll consider reasonable ones, cash/paypal is fine but honestly id prefer a trade.

as the pictures show its a DXL edition and there are only 15 of these bad boys in existence. got the last one they had at DXL :slight_smile:



My current wishlist.
YYF Genesis (purple)
YYF Yuuksta
Crucial Tres Leches
YYF Edge glow Protostar
YYF loop 900 Yellow x2
YYJ Fiesta green
YYJ Kicksides all colors
anything interesting that doesn’t have hubstacks!

Just toss me a PM I’m flexible and willing to work out a deal.

Bump and changed wishlist 8/28/2010.