FT: G2 MFD and $$. LF: Grail, b7 Grail and others

FT: soldG2 Valhalla Berry Storm mint sold
SoldG2 Afterlife Unicorn Storm mintsold
Traded MFD Short Run Conspiracy - Blazes Dawn mint
MFD: Caesar - Artist Proof Swirling Abyss - Never opened.
MFD: Gelada: mint - mystic monkey I don’t remember the name
MFD: Conspiracy: Artist Proof Splatter me this

LF: G2 Triton - Big Bang
MFD : Pixleape Helium Iwazaru
G2 Triton Hulks blood
G2 Aftershock Hulk’s Blood.
Unholy Freq. mod.
Unholy MCMO- found!!
Unholy Grail

A-rt- B7!Grail
Open to other trade offers .


Listing updated!


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Ah bump it up.

Listing updated back to the top

Dude I just want that triangle case🫨

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Post update bump.
Please someone trade me Hulk Bloods!!

Bbbump open to offers would also like a Swirl Aftershock

Also considering Unholy colorway stuff, purple is life

Bump for trades!

Just an FYI: big bang triton, hulks blood anything, and swirl aftershocks are considerably rare, if not next-to-nonexistent now. You’ll likely need to shell out $500+ to get one. They’ve been gobbled up by all the extreme collectors.

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Yeah lol I was hoping to trade multiple MFDs with some value for 1. I know someone sold a Big bang for $400 within last year. Sadly it wasn’t to me lol
I think you have a Gobstopper Aftershock I’d be interested in if you ever wanted to let it go lol that thing is mesmerizing

Edit; a Hulk’s Blood Aftershock sold on here for $200 but I was broke (this was 3 or 4 months ago)

Unholy bumped

Still down to grab a case

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Unfortunately I don’t have any spare of them.



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