FT/FS YYF YYJ/ LF No. 9 and p2 and y factor prices added

I’m looking to trade or sell some yoyos. All they yoyos I’m selling are great they are just not for me. I would prefer to trade yoyos and if I have to sell pay pal only. (pics up soon)

Milk 2%- mint white/this is a great yoyo has some vibe and taped axle (can be tuned to almost no vibe). Also this is a milk 25 but for some reason they guy I got it from put a large spr in it so it has a large bearing.$75 traded to samklee for a g5 and dark magic

BBYY TT- this is a blue production run TT this thing is great just heavy. This yoyo is almost mint has one little white mark. The spikes on this rule you can matador forever.$100traded to moefv for a genisis

YYJ ENEME- this is the black production run eneme. This is a great throw just to light for me. Has a little vibe and a scrape but still plays great $50traded to jomo for orbis

YYF G5 Striped edition- This yoyo is silver (clear ano) and has a little vibe but plays great and is mint and has stacks . $75

YYJ Dark Magic- it is white and has custom caps a the yoyo is great no cracks and only a miniscule vibe has a kk bearing $30

YYJ Mini Motu- it is white and has a couple cracks and vibes no caps and is satin so has gold rims $15

Im looking for: ( can be b or a grade)
NO. 9 (can be b grade but want a grade) would trade all 3 for an A-Grade NO. 9
[b]y factor[/b

Anything rare or cool the worst I can say is know