FT (FS?) - Pacquiao, rare Dingo (pics)

Hi, so, some of my stuff must go



[s]Throw monkey

  • evil y[/s]o gone

anything 5A/signature

  • SPYY Pure
    - YYJ Ai found
  • YYF Severe (tho I will not be trading rare stuff for this one as they’re fairly easy to come by)

Also looking for a Anti-yo BPZL
I will consider anything at least even remotely rare and/or exclusive
I have a sweet spot for fancy materials, nickel plating and whatnot

I LIKE BEATERS TOO, so don’t sweat it if your throw is not mint, as long as it plays fine, I actually prefer rare beaters over rare mint throws, that said, a mint throw still has more value and is an easier trade in general

Don’t want list

  • YYF stuff (unless it’s in a rare colorway/finish etc…)
  • Anything duncan besides a clear dice
  • YYJ, EXCEPT for the AI
  • plastic stuff unless it’s delrin or eventually acrylic
  • a bunch of cheap yoyos

Right now I’m not really selling, but offer away, if it’s good enough, I’ll do it

“whole package deal” also possible if fast enough (read: if the throw I want is still available I’ll cut you a deal)

I would like to buy your Soveriegn, but I was wondering if I could trade my custom painted Dark Magic 2 and have a lower price (http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,32740.0.html) maybe like $30 or $40[/s]

Hi, sorry I forgot to update yesterday, the sov, the wmn and the evil yo are gone

not sure if I want to let go of the pac now, upon a good offer maybe, not expecting anything tho.