FT/FS Old rare throws


Hello all, I’m getting rid of the throws in my collection I haven’t used in years. If you want any of them just throw me an offer and I’ll send you some pics. Smiley
LF: Peak 2 (will trade all for one)

Duncan Hayabusa John Higby painted, solid offstring yoyo. Red and blue flames (1 of 1) slight vibe

SPYY Spyder Super Hero edition number 358: Fairly rare I believe, an amazing finish as well. smooth

YYF 888x: Solid throw with sanded rims, blue. smooth

YYF G5: Spiral Silver edition 2007? Really old one. vibe and pretty beat up.

One Drop M1: red and smooth

All throws have dings and scratches.

Thanks for looking.


Photo’s below

(system) #3