FT & FS From KiLbUcKs Vault - Mint Throw - Make an offer!!!

I’ve got an awesome MINT throw up for Sale or Trade:

Tylers first sig yoyo / original Trainwreck - Original half green half purple Trainwreck from Mitchells store!!! Mint in box and Tyler signed the box and drew some pics on the box!!

Pictures  can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/52857615@N05/  Do NOT post in my thread…Please PM me with your offers.

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What would you trade for the H5xChief I have star grade spyy dynamo, spyy spyder 2, a couple Clyw Chiefs 1 Hulk smash and one Gold. string theory remnant 2, Crucial A la mode, King yo star Scorpion king, Another sweet king yo star. yoyojam unleashed x 2, Couple Starlights, I will bundle a few things if you are interested.

marcus koh edition red levy 2 for cheif?:slight_smile:

I pm you

What would the glacier express cost?

I am interested in the g5 and skyline. Would you be willing to trade for my 2010 min Severe Ihave posted that is signed by tTyler Severance? If not let me know because I want your throws

I am interested in the 555 g5 and the dv888. what are you wanting cash wise? i have alot of mint old yyfs too, just depends on your biggest interest


Aren’t any pic of the Glacier Express

there are no pictures of the ywet