[FT/FS - europe] YYF Yuuksta


I want to trade my Yuuksta, black acid wash, 1 small ding, 1 small scratch (shown in picture below)

DSC_0056-Modifier par hadoq, sur Flickr

DSC_0041-Modifier par hadoq, sur Flickr

P1010359-Modifier par hadoq, sur Flickr

for reference: 50$ would be the selling price, plus shipping
paypal ONLY

What I’m after
OneDrop MarMont Next forget it just bought it new

offer up anything besides YYF, ILYY, I’ll consider.

Take into account that I’m in europe, I have no trading feedback (1st trade)
you can see my messages on here, you can google my name to get an idea about the kind of person that I am

(system) #2