FT/FS: CLYW, YYF, One Drop, C3

CLYW Sasquatch
CLYW Arctic Circle
ONLY THE NEW 7075 EDITION: Super G, Genesis, Catalyst
2012 Genesis
Avant Garde 2
Yeah 3
Berzerker (idk how to spell it)

FS/FT: (Easiest to get off of me in a trade to hardest)
Yuuksta, near mint, silver w/ gray acid wash
Superstar, near mint, custom annodized pink w/ blue splash
Super G, w/ 3A marks, Orange
Catalyst, mint, Green w/ hidden orange acid wash (can barely see the orange)
2012 Genesis, mint, Silver w/ blue splash
Avant Garde, mint, black w/ red splash
Avant Garde 2, 1 tiny scuff, blue

One Drop:
Code 2, mint, Yellow w/ green acid wash AND black splash

Yeah 3, mint, black

Bear vs Man, 3 pin pricks, Blue
Not getting UNLESS for like 200 dollars: CLYW Chief, couple scuffs, Black w/ pink speckle

Most of pics here, cant update my account till tomorrow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/83500428@N02/