Updated B/S/T


Orange Super G, minor 3A marks
Silver w/ Red splash 2012 SuperNova, near mint
Pink w/ Blue (custom annodized by Britton Pankratz) SuperStar, near mint
Silver Avant Garde, near mint
Black w/ Red Splash Avant Garde, mint
3 2012 Genesis (listed in order of easiest to get off of me to hardest to get off of me; All are in mint condition) Black w/ Gold splash, Silver w/ Blue splash, Red w/ Silver splash

And you can offer on this one just to amuse me. Cuz it isn’t leaving my possession.
Blue Avant Garde 2, mint

Wants: CLYW: Glacier Express, Chief
YYJ: Phenom
YYF: Pretty much any high end metals (Nehemiah likes YYF)

g5 and popstar for Black w/ Red Splash Avant Garde