FT: Entire Collection


Yeah Hey everyone! If you don’t have any of my wants feel free to make an offer. Go ahead and lowball and you’ll receive a very kind and clear “jump in a lake.” If you don’t have any of my wants go ahead and offer up I like anything unique or rare.

Not selling
Tundra AMS (mint)
Diaspora (mint)
Ti Peak (mint)
Seventh Heaven (near mint)
Dazzler (mint)
Grail (mint)
Sparrow (mint)
Quail (mint)
DK (mint)
Banshee (mint)
Rook (mint)
Glacier Express
lots of other throws

LF: (in random order)

•Crucial Heavy Cream (Dexter Ed)
•Anything Oxygene
•Rare 888 (Preferably the Script or 08)
•ILYY Noctu (friend left one on his car roof… want •to get him another)
•SPYY/TMBR Eh (any year would do)
•Anything B!ST


LOL this is a fantastic list, so adding your arm, leg, and soul oughta clinch the deal!

(Carson Reid) #3

i feel the same way about that AMS tundra you got there! you sure you don’t want anything else? i’ve got a lot of weird rares in my collection, just nothing on your list.


This is really all I’m interested in but I’m sure there’s stuff I’m not thinking of that I’d consider trading for. Show me what you got. I like to just hear what other people have honestly but I’ll listen to any offer.


I need Oxygene to live. Bump

(Lorenzo Washington) #6

what would it take to get tour DK?


Depends on what you got. I’m guessing you don’t have a tiwalker or Heavy Cream but I love anything Oxygene and also looking for rarer 888s like the Script. Also looking for a 420. If you got any of those we can definitely talk. If not just let me know what you got I’d be glad to hear any offer.




Arm and leg and soul still available. I’d make a pretty decent butler or stableboy or any type of indentured servitude as long as there’s a TiWalker. Bump!


I do have need of a towel boy, if only I had a TiWalker to make it so :rofl:


I’d be the best freakin towel boy you’ve ever seen. Too bad.


I use Heavy Cream with my cereal, but I ran out so now I’m stuck with stupid 2%. Please help.


Obviously I’m Aragorn. So obviously I need a Script 888. Obviously this is a bump.


I got cash for that Mary


I’m not really looking for cash rn but if you think you got a good offer HMU

(Devin) #17

Hey would you take 150 for the red grail?


That’s a Quail not a Grail sorry.


Super nice collection, I hadn’t been back since you updated the first post :heart_eyes: … be sure to post a bump reply if you do big updates!


It’s almost finals week… I need a 420. Bump

({John15}) #21

That avocado Grail tho, and that little sparrow :exploding_head: