FT: Entire Collection

({John15}) #23

This guy might have your OG Peak


Is the Flea part of it?


Yeah if you got the goods the flea is up there



Hey guys if you have any questions or offers please pm me as I don’t wanna break any rules by talking on this post.

Also: the Grail is green and the quail is red :ok_hand:

A bst psa. :)
(Angel Jaimes) #27

Are you looking for completely mint yoyos?

(Tyler Krasavage) #28

Can I ask where you got that case?


Yes mint only


Hey saw your reply about where I got the case. I’m trying not to reply in the post cuz some people get upset and say it’s extra bumps. I actually got it from Yoyosam. Their shop is a few mins down the road from me but they might have some online.

(Ray Ye) #31

I am extremely interested in Seventh Heaven, but I don’t have anything for trade, or matches your category.
Would you take some cash?


You can cross that Ti Walker off your wants list, I’d think?

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