If the peak is available,
I’ll trade a good condition second run DXL 5star, project, and 08 888 for the Peak.
Maybe even some money.



for whatever you think will be a good trade

(Mitch Ginder) #32


(Elzandnoo) #34

how much for the grind machine


i have an Ocho8Ocho but i just got it and wouldnt want to lose money on it, it does have a minor nick on it that doesn’t effect play. i would want the x-con, journey, and the hulk peak.


That’s in your favor by a bunch.



But sereosly, that’s asking a bit too much…


Necro much?

Please don’t. It spams the boards with old threads.

(Shisaki) #39

Just tellin’ you Adam, it doesnt matter if it’s a necro in the B/S/T if he hasnt sold all his stuff ;).

Thats askin for too much, if you both dont want to lose cash then pol0 would get ripped some bucks. Ocho8Ocho = $120 since you have a nick, Peak = $105 since he says its NEAR mint, X-con = $25 for scratches, Jorney=$10? Then $105+$25+$10=$150 and pol0 would lose $30.

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