FT: Clear anno supernova, stamepede WANT C3

First off I have 44 positive feedback on yyn I can link you to my profile before we do anything.

Starting to get into 4a more and more so I figured I’d throw up my supernova to try and get a nicer 4a throw. I’ve currently got a fiestaXX and really like it but would also like to have something else to throw 4a with. I’ll do a straight up trade for any of the nicer offstring throws such as a solar.

Anything C3
- will add cash for the higher end throws such as the bezerker or do straight up trades for the yeah3
Genesis - want non gold colorways
Superstar - must have nubs if it doesn’t have stacks

Buy me a god tricks windforce and it’s yours.

offer - no plastics though.

No international dealings, sorry.

Supernova This has been my go to throw since the day I got it. Has some wear and tear, the worst is shown. Still plays as smooth as ever. This is one seriously awesome throw and in a rare colorway (or lack of color depending on how you look at it), I think they only released around 20 or so of the clear anno ones. $65

[b]Stampede/b This this is seriously awesome. It’s a wide throw but it doesn’t get in the way, perfect balance between extreme shape and comfort. Has a couple small dings but nothing that effects play. (Pictures to come)