FT:about 30 yoyos


hey guys, im only trading at the moment…us and canada only please

RecRev 33 1/3
RecRev Electric Daisy
YYJ Speeder 2
Duncan Raptor
YYF throwback Genesis
YYJ Aquarious
TP Leviathan II
Dif-E-YO Bare Bones
(2) yoyojam unleashed
YYJ Big Ben
YYF 2.0
YYU Mercury (leviathan bootleg)plays good
IKYO Agape
YYJ Cerberus
YYF NorthStar
Crucial Jirorian
YYJ Go Big
YYF StarBrite
YYJ Prelude
YYJ Chaser


pm me

feel free to leave a free bump ;D

wants:offers will trade anything in here for a code 2 or 3
dont wants:yoyos with a big vibe (i don’t mind a small vibe)


(Vizoh) #2

U know thats only 20 haha yea i counted and free bump ;D


@yoyotrader123 thanks and its 21 fool ;D pm me

(Edmeister) #4

Post pics before a Mod moves this post Thanks


oops, sorry thanks cream9000




Could you trade the agape or genesiss for a shinwoo zen 2? If not what would you offer me for the zen2


@floosh pm me


actually it’s 22; 2 unleashed’s

(Vizoh) #10

Yep hes right

(system) #11