ft: about 20 yoyos: General-yo,one drop,Turning point (bootleg)

hey guys!

this stuff is for trade mostly but you have to give me a ridiculous price for sale, on to the yoyos…

yyf supernova (B-grade)
duncan chris allen modded fhz (80 years caps)
worlds ed. code 1
recrev mangaroo (B-grade)
General-yo Essence (B-grade)
Shenzhou yoke
yyu mercury (leviathan 2 bootleg)
Shinwoo dolphin
yyj destiny
(2x) Adegle asteroid
RecRev 33 1/3
Crucial Cream
YYJ Maxi mo
YYJ aquarious

pics upon request text me at (562) 209-3759

I don’t really care but bootlegs aren’t allowed