FT: 888x LF: Old Speeder/Dark Magic, ONE Star, Replay and MORE

I have a blue 888x with some nicks/dings on the rims and one of the hubstack o rings are broken. It was also owned by Augie Fash. Z Stacks for the 888 should be here soon, though, so they’ll get bundled in. Pics should be up tomorrow. You ship first with a tracking number unless you have higher feedback. I don’t really care if it’s Priority Mail, but I would prefer it. I also have the stuff from the BST in my signature, and I can bundle that stuff with the 888. Wants list below:

Top to bottom=Most Wanted to least

Ultra Beat CLYWs (please? Lol)
YYJ Dark Magic (original, preferably red)
Anything Delrin
C3 Capless
YYF Replay
YYJ Fever (preferably red)
YYF NorthStar
YYJ Speeder
YYJ Hitman PRO
YYF StarBrite
Adegle Asteroid

I personally think some of those are kind of lowballs seperately, so maybe bundle the cheaper stuff? Also, I also like the YYF stuff like the Yuuksta and Super G a ton, so maybe a B-Grade? And I also want the Axiom and Meteor. Finally, I don’t care about condition on the more expensive stuff, as long as they’re not total beaters. The cheaper stuff should be in pretty good condition.