FT: 09 Severe, Legacy, FHZ LF: Avalanche, Gnarwhal, Dang. !Package Deal Inside!

Green acid wash 2009 Severe.
It has a lot of scratches along the rims that go through the anno, but they are very thin and honestly not too bad.

Green body / Black Caps dual siliconed FHZ.
It has weight rings underneath the caps and the gap is maxed out with orings. No slippage issues whatsoever. Great yoyo. Tons of fun.

White Legacy with blank white Duncan caps. Another great plastic.

I’m looking for an Avalanche or Gnarwhal in any colorway and condition. As long as the axle isn’t stripped, it will be accepted. I really miss my old Avalanche.

So here’s the deal:

2x packs Toxic Yellow/White string
YYF Stickers
Assorted CW’s

For your Avalanch or Gnarwhal. I’d love a Blue w/ Silver splash or a Rockabully edition.

Also kind of interested in a Dang.

If you don’t like that deal I’ll trade the Severe and add cash.

Offer away! I require pictures. I’ll have a picture of everything tonight.