FS: YYJ, YYF, ILYY, OD, Throwdown


Figured I should sell some of the throws that don’t get played much and ones that I didn’t get on with.

A lot of these were bought second hand so they are all used unless stated otherwise. If you are interested in more info on them let me know and I can also take some better photos of the individual yoyos too. A lot of them have “offer” written by them, this is because I’m reluctant to get rid of them unless the price is right. All prices are negotiable and the worst I can say to an offer is no. I am also open for trades, see my want list below. I’ve never done a trade before, but I’m sure we can work something out together.

Shipping to the US will be $18 and UK buyers can send me a message for more shipping options.

On to the throws:

Duncan Bumblebee, good condition - $15
Metal Drifter, slight vibe - $20
Flying Squirrel - Offer

Onedrop Benchmark, few marks - $40
Dingo, mint - Offer
Prescription (didn’t like it, but a great throw) - Offer

Aoda Sunshine, smooth - $18
Aoda (unknown YoYo?), Good - $15

YYF Velocity, (older version) scuffs and slight fingernail vibe - $20
YYF 720, - $15
YYF 44 Clash special edition - Offer
YYF Severe, few dings - Offer

BC Spitfire, BC Phantom, BC “you in peace 1999”, BC international you festival Niagra falls - Offers on all of them

YYJ Classic, mint - $13
YYJ mini Motu, cracking on his but plays fine - Offer
YYJ 2x Sunset Trajectory, used - $30 for both or $16 each
YYJ Spinfactor HG, used - $35
YYJ Speedr, mint - Offer
YYJ Black Gold, used - Offer
YYJ Hitman, used - Offer

Kerrari, mint - $45
3yo3 Savannah, very vibey - Offer

Peter fish Dominator, good - $15
Yomega RBII, mint - $20
Need Show Boomerang, used - $13

ILYY Fury, ding - Offer

Throwdown Lucha Libre, very hard to find - offer

I’d be willing to trade several for the ones below.
Want list:
Ti Peak
Door Knob


Gorilla gone! Would trade them all for a Ti Peak!


Still plenty of throws that need new homes! Plus I need to save up for a Ti-Vayder!