Fs yyfr, duall, yyf, topyo, and more

Tyfr Da vinci. Extra I don’t need. Has nail vibe.
$55 shipped

Yyfr Bgrades:
Koi: $30 shipped
Paragraph: $10 add on
Both about as smooth as the a grades they came with, maybe smoother (a hint of nail vibe). Paragraph has engraving scuffs out of the box

Duall icarus $60 shipped

Misc lot $170 shipped or part out your own bundle
(topyo the top beta, dp wingweaver, yyf pragma, godtricks perseus, dd emotion, topyo null, yyf wangle, aceyo gravitation 4, yye fire spirit, aceyo pure, unprld antidote, yozean destroyer lite, b18)


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