FS-YYF Ti Dream, and more.


Thinning the herd to buy music equipment. Most of these come with their original box. Feel free to PM for more pictures or to make an offer.

One Drop- Benchmark O grey-SOLD
Benchmark H purple-SOLD
Benchmark V green-SOLD
Benchmark W red-SOLD
Project 2 orange-SOLD
M1 blue/black-SOLD
ODxCLYW- McKinley Seven Summit- SOLD
First Run MassDrop Summit- $60
YYF- Ti Dream blue- $150
Super G USA- $50
Too HOT galaxy purple w/silver speckle- $35 each
AL Dream red- $25
Shutter gold-SOLD
Regen white- $25
Dif-e-yo- GTO raw-SOLD
Crossbones raw-SOLD
General Yo- Hatrick charcoal/blue- $75
Tropic Spins- Shipwreck YYE- $80
Whimsy- ROAR blue-SOLD
Weerd- Groovy TFL raw-SOLD


Hi, I assume you’ve sold your hatrick now?

(system) #3