F/S: Downsizing- CLYW, OD, YYF


Manatee Salmon Fade: $65.00

One Drop:
Marquis blue/gold X2: $40.00 Ea or $60.00 for both
Kuntosh Black and Grey: $75.00 (Not pictured)
Cabal (Sold)

One (Free with purchase over $50.00)
Replay (responsive): $10.00 (Free with purchase over $65.00)
Horizon: $30.00
Cypher: $40.00
Ti Dream (anodized by me): $100.00
Aviator (2): $50.00
Space Cadet: $65.00
Superstar 2016: $45.00

YYF Case (Top orange Yoyo not included): $30.00 (Free with enough throws lol)

Prices are best reasonable offer and includes shipping to US (only) via USPS
Someone offered to pay for upgraded shipping, which is fine too
Thanks for looking!


Condition of Ti Dream?


How is the condition of the dream

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