FS: YYF Delrin Severe - Cheap price!

Important: The prices below include the $5.95 shipping price. Additionally, prices are negotiable. PayPal preferred.

For trade:

CLYW Comeback Avalanche
This Avalanche is a purple/pink acid wash in fairly good condition. There are various scuffs on the rims that you can’t feel and about four dings that you can feel. One of the dings is pictured and the other three are too small for my camera to pick up. The Avalanche has a very light vibe but is still very smooth nonetheless.


For Sale:
YoYoFactory Delrin Severe
Price: $32

This yoyo really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it to play as well as it does, nor did I expect it to be as smooth as it is. Despite its size, the Severe is very light and quick. It is a very fun yoyo, and it is in excellent condition. By scrutinizing it I can’t find any visible damage except for one light pinprick near the response pad. It does not come with the caps.

For $35 shipped I’ll throw in a free Protostar :slight_smile:

YoYoJam Phenomizm
Price: $35

Phenomenal yoyo, lives up to its name. Very speedy and stable and a classic shape. The Phenomizm has about a dozen very light and tiny pinpricks


Bump. I really want a Burnside or Sine//Saw

Severe + Protostar for $35! Get on it!

Images for the Protostar (comes with Severe) and reports for any damage/modifications?