FS - YYF C3 Duncan

Looking to sell the following. Add $5 for domestic shipping (us).

Trades? Sure – offer up.

YYF G-funk nm ($20)
YYF Supernova nm ($45)
C3 yeah3 a couple small scratches ($25)
Duncan echo 2 nm ($18)
Duncan torque, unengraved, small scratches ($20)

IMG_20190319_184101 IMG_20190319_184025

I have more pics for any who want them!

I’ll take that Blue Yeti. Where are you shipping from?

Just a bump


Thanks Yertle! Awesome seller! Shipped fast and product was exactly as described!!


There’s a guy selling a Candodize Lio on the Facebook BST.


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Thanks! I made him an offer, but shipping from Russia makes it pretty expensive. Plus I bought a yoy from him last week and haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation yet, so we’ll see. Thank you for the heads up!

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WOW what a deal! Went from over a hundred million dollars to $135!


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