**For Sale CHEAP!!*- YYF, & Duncan! - prices dropped!

Hey everybody!

Looking to sell some things. Don’t really want to… but the need for funds dictates otherwise.

Only interested in trades if it’s CLYW.

Will ship overseas if you can pay extra for shipping.

Otherwise, add $4 for shipping in the U.S.

Prices are going to be based off of what I feel the yo-yo is worth selling for, if you feel I’ve priced it too high, feel free to show me recent ones gone for a different price and I’d reconsider.

Thanks for looking!

I have:
Duncan Echo - orange
YYF - Genesis

Pics and details below

First up - Brand New Duncan Echo. Thrown 3 times. It has the plastic caps. Not in package (obv) but as close to mint as you can get without still being in the pack.
Looking for $45 $35

Lastly is a Genesis. I just got this after being w.out one for a few years, and really love it… but like I said, need for cash dictates the need to let this go. Has some minor marks that seem to scratch the ano - prob from being in a pocket w/ keys etc. (can be seen in 1st and 2nd photos) Has some minor minor vibe like a new b-grade yo-yo.
Looking for $55 $45

Thanks again for looking! :slight_smile:

Buzzon is SOLD!

Rockefeller is GONE!

Pure is pending - maybe - haven’t had communication on it in a few days.

Genesis and Echo up for grabs still

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