FS:YoyoFreaks Pound, OD Dang 2, OD Marquis

Looking to Sell the Following:

Mint YoyoFreaks Pound High Fade - $75 https://imgur.com/a/XSxHu

-Such an awesome throw! This one barely gets played so I have to let this one go. Mint, no damage!

Near Mint Crucial Whole Milk Taromilk - $45 https://imgur.com/a/y6Vlj

-Has dings on one rim (see pics), but still butter smooth.

Near Mint OneDrop Dang 2 Black - $50 https://imgur.com/a/UiG6e

-Only has a tiny pinprick on one rim (see pics). Still butter smooth as well

Near Mint OneDrop Marquis Red - $35 https://imgur.com/a/kPpcT

-Has tiny pinpricks that are too small for the camera to pick up.

Shutter Blue/Silver Fade + Horizon Blue/Black Fade - $50 https://imgur.com/a/VMkRS

-The Shutter has a few scuffs on one rim - and The Horizon has 1 small scuff on one rim (see pics)

Free Shipping
. Taking Paypal only. Please PM me if interested! Thanks